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We’re your one stop shop for total car restoration and conditioning for your car’s interior and exterior. At JDN Petroleum & Car Wash, we offer 100% car wash services for cars in Lancaster. Our experienced and friendly staff focuses on exceeding our customers’ satisfaction.

Our detailing services can help you to recapture that new car look and feel. We transform grime covered, dust showered vehicles into glossy, sparkling rides! We believe in high quality jobs done at affordable prices. Our staff comprises of skilled professionals who are remarkable at their jobs. Our fast and friendly service will cater to your needs, and make it easier for you to enjoy your spare time.

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  • Oil changes
  • Car Wash
  • Details
  • Complete detailing
  • Hand wax
  • Interior shampoo
  • Quick lube

Other services: change brakes pads, resurface rotors, change filters, transmission flushes, 14 point inspection in every oil change, fuel injection services, change all filters including oil filters filters, air, cabin filter, fuel filters, change wiper blades, carwash shampooing, buff and wax, carpet cleaning, the works, engine steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, RVs and Boats too!!


Lube Services and Vehicle Maintenance

Regular lube services are the cornerstone of keeping your vehicle running smoothly. High-quality oil keeps your engine’s parts lubricated and functioning efficiently.


Quick Lube Solutions

We offer rapid oil change services to get you back on the road in no time. You’ll find an extensive range of high-grade motor oils, both synthetic and conventional, to match your vehicle’s specific needs.

  • Oil Change: Comprehensive oil and filter replacement
  • Inspection: Checking all fluid levels and air filters
  • Lubrication: Essential for moving parts to reduce wear and tear


Complete Vehicle Checkups

Beyond quick lube center solutions, a total car restoration is vital for longevity. Regular vehicle checkups ensure all systems are operating at peak performance.

  • Fuel Injection Service: Cleans and protects your fuel system for better performance and fuel economy.
  • Transmission Flush: Removes old fluid and contaminants to maintain your transmission’s efficiency.

By adhering to these maintenance services, you ensure your vehicle’s reliability and retain its value.